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At 4C, we redefine the essence of data management and transaction processing in the telecommunications and financial sectors across Africa. Our approach is centered on innovation and efficiency, seamlessly integrating into the very core of your business operations.

With the iNSight platform, we transform data into a powerful tool for informed decision-making. This modular, swiftly deployable solution enhances organizational efficiency and drives significant cost savings. It’s not just about managing data — it’s about unlocking its true potential.

In the dynamic realm of Mobile Money, our Payment Gateway stands as a beacon of opportunity. It’s designed to amplify revenue streams and elevate customer experiences, tapping into the ever-growing potential of digital transactions.

Since 2003, our journey has been marked by thousands of successful projects, each one contributing to the digital and financial inclusion of millions. Our expertise isn’t just in technology — it’s in understanding the unique needs of our enterprise clients and their customers.

Our team, a blend of experience and innovation, is committed to guiding you through every step — from pre-sales consultations to deployment, project management, and beyond. At 4C, we don’t just offer solutions; we promise a partnership. Let us take the reins of technology, so you can focus on what you do best — growing your business.

Our Solutions

The iNSight Platform provides solutions in the enterprise data and transaction management landscape.

Its main function is to repurpose and deliver business-critical information to a variety of systems and stakeholders, making it especially well positioned within the operational and business support systems environment of services companies such as telecoms, banking, and financial services.

Its unique data architecture allows for real-time interaction with other platforms and applications, from network elements to financial systems. The framework can be unbundled into a combination of individual components, to address requirements for specific applications.

Information Management

Reduce your time to insight

Today’s business leaders face the critical challenge of deciphering rapidly evolving data. iNSight emerges as a revolutionary end-to-end solution, expertly crafted to navigate this landscape. We specialize in collecting, extracting, optimizing, and ingesting vast data streams. Our robust platform excels in securely storing and meticulously analyzing this data. By transforming complex datasets into actionable insights, iNSight ensures that key decision-makers receive vital information precisely when needed. Our commitment is to consistently provide clarity and strategic direction, enabling leaders to stay ahead in an ever-changing marketplace.

Business Assurance

Protect your revenue and reputation

Incidents of fraud erode confidence and have an adverse impact on brand reputation, while persistent revenue leakage can sink a big business. Our iNSight Fraud and Revenue Assurance Management System uses an array of controls and machine learning that allows our clients to find fraud fast, recover revenue and apply preventative measures to avoid reoccurrence. Our experienced team is equipped to help our clients implement a suitable governance, risk, and compliance strategy to ensure all consumer protection obligations are effectively discharged – and to help build all important trust in your products and services.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity as the Foundation of Business Success

When it comes to cyber security, SMEs in Africa face a particular set of challenges. They may have limited resources and a lack of in-house expertise, but they are still vulnerable to cyber threats that can compromise their operations, financial well-being, and reputation. That’s where our cyber security services come in.

Our foundational services are designed to protect your business from a range of threats. They will also help you understand and prioritise risks, identify and remediate vulnerabilities, and meet compliance requirements. With these services, you can rest assured that your business is well-protected, even in the face of an ever-changing threat landscape.

Business Systems

Increase revenue, decrease churn

As innovation and new technology spur consumer demand for new products and services, telecoms operators are steadily transforming into digital service providers, which adds more complexity to their business models, processes, workflows, pricing strategies, and revenue streams. Our iNSight Business Systems offer a comprehensive CRM platform with all the tools for marketing, sales, service activation and ongoing customer support. It also features converged billing capabilities that support the creation of new services and the management of complex pricing strategies that include the likes of revenue sharing, zero-rated and sponsored services, elastic pricing, loyalty points, pro-rated services, and others.


Expedite your ecosystem expansion

The broad adoption of mobile money positions operators as enablers of trade and commerce. Our iNSight Payment Gateway enables scalable expansion of mobile financial services operations that connect consumers, businesses, and governments so they can connect, share resources, provide services, and sell products. It offers integrated revenue generating capabilities, including merchant and layby solutions for retail, e-commerce, bill payments, credit origination, event ticketing and more. Used in conjunction with our Orchestration Engine, the Gateway gives subscribers access to a range of adjacent services, including credit, insurance, and investment.

Our Services

Our commitment to service excellence, has allowed us to establish successful and long-lasting client relationships 

We work with our clients to define their strategy and goals, implement solutions making use of best practices; and identify ongoing and possible future enhancements and cost-savings. 

We support systems, databases and our enterprise software by providing 24/7 assistance from our certified technicians. By providing mission-critical support services for complex IT environments from various sectors, we maximize performance, achieve higher availability and reduce risk. 


Professional Services

We provide professional services that allow you to establish your system quickly and easily. This includes all areas of set up such as Installation, Configuration, Development, and Integration.


Operational Services

We provide ongoing services, determined by Service Level Agreements that meet your requirements, to ensure your system runs optimally. This includes health checks, monitoring and alerting, and bug fixes.


Managed Services

Our Managed Services allow you to outsource your operational responsibilities and leverage our scale, methodologies and standardisation. We reactively and proactively manage your IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems remotely to meet your individual needs.

Areas of Expertise


Database Support

We provide 24/7 support for all Oracle 11G and 12C databases. Our skilled technicians service all Oracle database requirements for your business, regardless of the version your company uses.


Hardware Support

We supply enterprise environments with hardware that we trust. We are an Oracle Gold Partner certified to sell and support enterprise class software and hardware suited for high performance databases.


Operating Systems Support

We have extensive agreements and partnerships that allow us to sell and support Unix, Linux and Microsoft operating systems that provide high performance, scalable, and reliable solutions to meet your specific needs.


Applications Support

With extensive collective experience in managing, integrating, and developing solutions for our clients, our team is well equipped to handle any queries relating to our software and the database on which it runs.


Managed Services

We provide managed services that enhance operational efficiency and business continuity, whilst driving down overhead costs by leveraging our scale, methodologies and standardisation. Let us manage your technology so you can manage your business.


Management Information System (MIS)

Management Information System (MIS)

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