Business Assurance

iNSight provides an efficient and effective Fraud and Revenue Assurance Management System that protects our clients against potential regulatory fines, losses from fraud committed in their distribution channels, by their own staff, losses from scams, external incidents of fraud, operational inefficiencies, and money laundering infringements.

It is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of experts who are committed to helping our clients protect their reputation, their revenue, and strengthen consumer trust in their products and services. Our Business Assurance products include:

Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance is the use of data quality and process improvement methods to identify perceived or actual issues with operational under-performance, most commonly relating to billing and revenue collection.

iNSight’s comprehensive and transparent Revenue Assurance System uses alerts to flag problem areas, which can then be investigated further to improve profits, revenues and cash flows. The toolset is comprehensively tailored to allow Revenue Assurance teams to work effectively and efficiently.

Fraud Management

iNSight’s Fraud Management System leverages the power of our Operational Data Store to monitor data in order to identify any abnormal or fraudulent activities.

Multiple in-stream fraud alarms continuously monitor usage and trigger based on specific conditions and patterns matching any deviation detected in behaviour. When possible fraud scenarios are detected, all relevant and supporting call activity is summarized and presented in the respective alarm. Fraud cases are automatically generated within the case management tool to ensure analysts have a centralized view to manage their investigations effectively and efficiently.

Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering describes the process of hiding the origin of illegally obtained money and making it appear to have been obtained from a legitimate source.

Our Anti-Money Laundering product puts checks in place to identify and flag suspicious events. Alerts targeting possible money laundering activities can be used to create custom watchlists or be used in conjunction with existing watchlists. These Alerts can be grouped into cases to be investigated further. The findings of the investigations are put into reports which can be used to take the necessary action.