Compliance Management

Is your company compliant with security standards and regulations? Minimise your overall exposure to cyber threats with a comprehensive, full-cycle Compliance Management service that allows you to identify and manage key risks, resulting in improved compliance and better cyber protection.

The one thing that all businesses have in common is the need to keep their digital systems and devices secure. This means that they need to be compliant with security standards and baselines, as determined by the laws of the country in which they operate. A Johannesburg-based business was recently fined R800 000 for failing to comply with its own security policies, which resulted in the hacking and theft of customer data.
Ensure compliance with tightening regulations and continuously monitor your networks with our Compliance Monitoring services. 4C Cyber Security can relieve the burden on your overloaded internal teams and avoid gaps in security monitoring.

What is Compliance Management and why do you need it?

Compliance Management is the process of maintaining systems, such as computer hardware and software, so they adhere to regulations and standards and perform in a consistent manner in order to protect valuable data and confidential information.

Compliance Management also prevents undocumented changes from occurring, which can cause systems downtime, instability or complete failure. It allows companies to define and list organisational risks, conduct continuous audits and implement best practices in cyber security.

Undertaking enterprise-grade Compliance Management can be a complex task that requires software configuration and the coordination of hundreds of thousands of components. Without proper documentation, enterprises can easily lose track of which systems require attention, which steps are necessary to remediate problems and which tasks should be prioritised.

Simply tracking changes can help avoid expensive remediation projects down the road. Think of Compliance Management as the insurance you pay today to prevent issues tomorrow. It helps to prevent performance issues, system inconsistencies and regulatory oversights that can lead to cyber attacks and legal penalties.

Key outcomes of Compliance Management:

  • Full regulatory compliance – Enhanced legal and regulatory compliance with active monitoring and detailed reporting for regulatory and industry frameworks.
  • Custom reporting – Customisable use cases and alerting rules that meet your business requirements.
  • Best practice – Protect your organisation’s data and systems 24/7, with on-premise and cloud-based monitoring and response.
  • Scalability – Flexible service tiers that allow the services to grow with you.

Our Compliance Management services

4C Cyber Security offers Compliance Management services to African enterprises. These services are designed for organisations with standardised security compliance requirements across core technologies. We ensure that the development, test and production environments are standardised so deployed applications behave as expected, time and time again.

We take a proactive and retroactive approach to compliance audits with out-the-box and configurable policies. Our cloud-based services feature round-the-clock monitoring using a predefined set of detection rules across these technologies. They also offer initial-level monitoring and response from our security operations centre, with escalation to your organisation for additional investigation or closure, if required.

We employ our proprietary platform for efficient compliance monitoring to guarantee your business remains compliant. The standard service also grants access to a personalised portal for streamlined communication of event information, a dashboard view of services and both executive and technical compliance reporting.
Our deep technical skills and fully automated managed services platform underpin our human-centric security operations. Our security professionals are certified to the highest levels across multiple vendors, technologies and industry standards.


4C Cyber Security’s Compliance management services include the following:

  • Ad-hoc and scheduled compliance scans against security framework baselines.
  • A definitive list of potential risks, bringing visibility to current blindspots.
  • Compliance remediation and system hardening.
  • Custom policies per technology, including databases, operating systems and applications.
  • Custom audit files (XML) based on an applicable security framework.
  • Leading monitoring and response, with escalation for further investigation or closure.
  • Identification and validation of events with data conveyed via security incident reports.
  • Access to a customised portal.

4C Cyber Security can help your company improve its cyber security posture through Compliance Management. By reducing risks and standardising digital environments, you are sure to achieve improved long-term cyber security.

 We use a ‘Defence in Depth’ approach to cyber security which makes use of a series of defensive layers to protect valuable information – like a castle surrounded by multiple walls and a moat. This multi-layered approach increases the overall security of the IT system and protects against a range of threats.

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