African FinTech Solutions

Helping our customers reach 160 million users today


Fintech can be described as any technology that disrupts traditional financial services models and methods. Mobile money is one of the most exciting disruptors in this space as it has a central role in extending the reach of formal financial services to the unbanked and financially underserved populations in emerging markets.


At 4C we provide innovative and secure technology that currently provides mobile financial services to 160 million mobile money users across Africa on behalf of our customers. Using our technology, users can deposit money into an account, transfer money to other users, receive money from other users, purchase airtime, pay bills, and withdraw money from a network of agents, all from their mobile device.

Our FinTech product suite includes:

Payment Gateway

iNSight’s Payment Gateway is an innovative platform for companies using mobile money services. It is a highly secure and scalable interconnected payment gateway that connects an operator’s core payment system (mobile money service) with external service providers such as utility companies, retailers and banks, in order to complete payments including Customer-to-Business, Business-to-Customer and Business-to-Business transactions.

It provides seamless and secure communication using open APIs and facilitates the transfer of information between a payment portal and the Front-End Processor or acquiring bank. Companies can integrate the payment gateway services into their operational or business support systems in order to achieve a complete convergent enterprise.

WASP Charging Gateway

Like our Payment Gateway, our Charging Gateway is a highly secure and scalable interconnected payment gateway connecting payment systems with service providers. In this case, however, it manages users subscribed via a Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP), which generates revenue by providing premium content that subscribers pay for including ringtones, wallpapers, horoscopes, and jokes.

Charging Gateway also offers an additional Customer Care interface that offers the operator’s support team visibility and control over a WASPs current subscription and charging models, resulting in meaningful customer support to WASP subscribers.

Orchestration Engine

iNSight’s Orchestration Engine acts as a centralised transaction switch that is responsible for synchronization activities across networks, so connected systems can communicate seamlessly and securely. It also acts as a compatibility layer between businesses and service providers providing access to new services or shared information.

The Engine automatically collects data from a host of services and events, across many different networks, into one centralised hub, from where it is processed, analysed and coordinated. The intelligence built into the engine is then used to automate tasks, synchronize activities across networks, communicate back to the services and provide reporting to the client.


OpenAPI allows operators to quickly and seamlessly onboard third-party service providers by providing a standard that connecting third parties need to conform to in order to interact with the iNSight platform.

A developer can log onto the Developer Portal where they will have access to documentation that will allow them to create an application and configure certain parameters for that application. Once developed, the application goes to the Organisation Portal which acts as a sandbox for testing before requesting approval for live deployment. This portal also gives the organisation access to various stats and data relating to the application and its use.

Enterprise Transaction Switch

iNSight’s Enterprise Transaction Switch facilitates the switching of transactions and events between different functional systems within an operators’ transactional ecosystem. It can be seen as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or Middleware layer that directly links various platforms together, both internally and externally, whilst simultaneously providing a security layer to ensure the integrity of every transaction.

Flexible transaction flows and logic are fully configurable, and operators can build any custom logic into the high-speed transaction engine to serve their business needs. The intuitive user interface allows for easy administration and configuration of the switching ecosystem, whilst providing a birds-eye view of the overall performance indicators.

Credit and Loans

Credit score and credit information reflect the subscriber’s credit behaviour and provide an indication of the debt management capacity of the subscriber. By taking into account the regular and responsible payments consumers make on their mobile devices, iNSight’s scoring and predictive analytics can be used to serve as a reference for future payments for other types of credit options.

Partner Commissions and Brand Ambassador

Our Partner Commissions and Brand Ambassador products allow Network Operators to reward retailers who register new connections based on the usage of newly connected SIM Cards. They also allow them to increase revenue by encouraging registered retailers to upsell and cross sell from a range of value-added services.