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Our software architecture comprises multiple product modules that have been designed and optimised for large volume processing without compromising on security, flexibility or scalability.

Our data architecture allows for seamless integration to multiple third-party applications and downstream systems achieved through exposing Industry Standard Protocols. Furthermore, its real time interaction with other platforms, from network elements to financial systems, enables stakeholders to configure new business requirements quickly and easily through an intuitive web interface. iNSight is a comprehensive Business Systems Support platform that features functionality in FinTech, Information Management, Business Assurance and Business Systems.

Introduction to FinTech

Fintech can be described as any technology that disrupts traditional financial services models and methods. Mobile money is one of the most exciting disruptors in this space as it has a central role in extending the reach of formal financial services to the unbanked and financially underserved populations in emerging markets.

At 4C we provide innovative and secure technology that currently provides mobile financial services to 160 million mobile money users across Africa on behalf of our customers. Using our technology, users can deposit money into an account, transfer money to other users, receive money from other users, purchase airtime, pay bills, and withdraw money from a network of agents, all from their mobile device.

Information Management

Information Management includes the acquisition of information from one or more sources, the custodianship thereof, and the distribution of that information to those who need it when they need it. It also includes the is disposition of information through archiving or deletion.

The iNSight Platform provides an end-to-end solution for collecting, extracting, optimising, ingesting, storing, and analysing data, so that it can deliver insight to the right persons at the right time. Our Information Management products include:


Mediation involves the collection and distribution of large amounts of data whilst providing the necessary controls and functionality to apply and report on unique business metrics. 

Data is collected from network elements, copied and backed up if required, and then distributed in files to downstream or 3rd party systems for additional processing. It offers guaranteed data delivery from one location to another, as well as data integrity checks during the collection and distribution of data. 


At the core of the INSIGHT platform is a mature, application-independent Management Information System (MIS) which is a planned system of collecting, storing, and distributing processed data to carry out management functions. 

Our system captures data from various internal and external sources and then processes and aggregates it into information. This information allows management to plan, organise, coordinate, direct and control functionalities at strategic, tactical and operational levels.


INSIGHT’s Customer Data Store (CDS) simplifies customer data management by providing a singular customer database that aggregates all data captured when a customer interacts with a business. This includes basic information that has been entered by a customer, such as contact details or account information, and more descriptive information that is gathered based on a customer’s interaction with a variety of a business’ touchpoints including websites, blogs, social media profiles or e-commerce portals.

Once data has been captured in the CDS repository, it is organised and stored in individual customer profiles that provide a clear view of who the customer is and what they need. This information can then be made accessible to other systems, such as Customer Relationship Management systems, so our clients can tailor their offerings for an improved customer experience.

Business Assurance

iNSight provides an efficient and effective Fraud and Revenue Assurance Management System that protects our clients against potential regulatory fines, losses from fraud committed in their distribution channels, by their own staff, losses from scams, external incidents of fraud, operational inefficiencies, and money laundering infringements.

It is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of experts who are committed to helping our clients protect their reputation, their revenue, and strengthen consumer trust in their products and services. Our Business Assurance products include:

Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance is the use of data quality and process improvement methods to identify perceived or actual issues with operational under-performance, most commonly relating to billing and revenue collection.

iNSight’s comprehensive and transparent Revenue Assurance System uses alerts to flag problem areas, which can then be investigated further to improve profits, revenues and cash flows. The toolset is comprehensively tailored to allow Revenue Assurance teams to work effectively and efficiently.


iNSight’s Fraud Management System leverages the power of our Operational Data Store to monitor data in order to identify any abnormal or fraudulent activities.

Multiple in-stream fraud alarms continuously monitor usage and trigger based on specific conditions and patterns matching any deviation detected in behaviour. When possible fraud scenarios are detected, all relevant and supporting call activity is summarized and presented in the respective alarm. Fraud cases are automatically generated within the case management tool to ensure analysts have a centralized view to manage their investigations effectively and efficiently.

Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering describes the process of hiding the origin of illegally obtained money and making it appear to have been obtained from a legitimate source.

Our Anti-Money Laundering product puts checks in place to identify and flag suspicious events. Alerts targeting possible money laundering activities can be used to create custom watchlists or be used in conjunction with existing watchlists. These Alerts can be grouped into cases to be investigated further. The findings of the investigations are put into reports which can be used to take the necessary action.

Business Systems

4C offers a variety of flexible and secure business systems that enable operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and ultimately improve your bottom line.  Our systems are both feature rich and easy to use, providing excellent value for money.

Our CRM system provides a foundation on which to build a successful client retention strategy, while our converged and Interconnect billing systems allow you to simplify the complex billing scenarios that result from an ever-increasing demand for services.  


iNSight’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows you to manage your interaction with current and potential future customers by integrating, merging and automating sales, marketing, and customer support.

Our CRM system provides one place to store every customer, every lead, all their contact info, preferences, and history, which keeps conversations personal, relevant, and up-to-date and allows you to provide timely, accurate processing of customer orders, requests and the ongoing management of customer accounts.

In addition, it also allows for detailed analytical data about a customers’ history which can inform your relationship going forward.


iNSight’s Billing framework consists of various components which contribute towards a fully-fledged converged billing platform.

By utilising subscriber’s information within our Customer Relation Management (CRM) module, our rating engine uses preconfigured rating tables to calculate the actual charge for calls, based on the event information from the Call Data Records. iNSight then uses this data to generate a statement at the end of a billing cycle to be distributed to the customer via various distribution channels.

InterConnect Billing

iNSight’s Interconnect Billing system is designed to provide a flexible, scalable and cost-effective system to manage third party settlements in the telecommunications industry. The system processes events from the various communication service providers and stores them in a relational database, from which financial settlement invoices are generated.

Network Operators can change tariffs in real-time or at a pre-scheduled time. Operational management is made easier with the availability of automated reports tracking time gaps in data delivery, error file handling and duplicate record checking. In addition, a number of reports are available to manage reconciliation of the settlement invoices between the various partners.