Vulnerability Management

Do you scan your business network for security vulnerabilities regularly? Vulnerability Management is a core pillar of cyber security. Our comprehensive full-lifecycle services minimise your company’s risk of exposure to various cyber threats.

Large enterprises need to meet specific compliance regulations and contractual obligations for their customers. Any company that relies on a complex IT environment needs to know where potential weaknesses lie within its infrastructure.

By identifying vulnerabilities and managing key risks associated with your software and digital systems, we can improve your cyber security posture with better protection and compliance.

To minimise these weaknesses, frequent vulnerability scanning and detailed reporting cycles need to be completed, ensuring all regulatory requirements and compliance frameworks are met. Take control of your environment to determine your organisation’s unique vulnerabilities and meet all compliance requirements with a vulnerability management plan supported by our expert analysts in cyber security.

What is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability Management is the ongoing practice of identifying, classifying, prioritising, remediating and minimising weaknesses in software or digital systems. These are negative or malicious events, such as hacks, data leaks, malware or fraud which can cause both monetary and reputational damage.

In order to comply with regulatory and compliance frameworks, it is essential to conduct frequent vulnerability scans followed by detailed reporting and remediation tasks. For managers, auditors and executives, the key challenge is to ensure that the organisation’s security posture aligns with compliance requirements, contractual obligations and risk management standards.

4C Cyber Security’s Vulnerability Management services provide a scalable and flexible scanning program designed to meet your specific needs. This will give you an accurate assessment of your weaknesses to any potential threats. We also provide expert advice on implementing smart, risk-based remediations.

Our customisable Vulnerability Management services include the following:

  • In-depth risk assessment.
  • Prioritising solutions to risks.
  • Implementing effective control measures.
  • Reassessing risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Improving IT infrastructure and digital ecosystems.

Vulnerability Management assessments can take place across three surfaces:

  1. On-premise infrastructure – Optimises security protocols within your on-premise systems, such as servers, endpoint devices and LANs.
  2. Cloud architecture – Continuously identifies, reports and remediates security risks found within your chosen cloud platform.
  3. Hybrid ecosystems – Scans and mitigates vulnerabilities across both on-premise and virtual systems.

Why is Vulnerability Management important?

We understand that Vulnerability Management is critical to the security of your IT ecosystem. A proactive approach to cyber security is needed on an ongoing basis; constant monitoring, troubleshooting, problem-solving and rechecking systems is time-consuming. Vulnerability Management should be considered a best practice for enterprises.

Key outcomes of Vulnerability Management: 

  1. Stay compliant – Enhance legal and regulatory compliance with active monitoring and detailed compliance reporting for regulatory and industry frameworks.
  2. Protect your data – Protect your organisation’s data and system 24/7, with on-premise or cloud-based vulnerability scanning tools and management.
  3. Scalable – Flexible service levels that allow the service to grow with your organisation.

Why choose 4C Cyber Security?

While vulnerability scanning has become commoditised, with little variation in the results produced by different tools, there are significant differences in how these tools operate and the ease of managing the remediation process. We provide Qualys-based vulnerability management tools that offer fully-automated threat detection for managed scans, DHCP support and a range of report options, including Executive, Technical, Scorecard, Patch, Top20 and more. You can choose from a managed or self-service scanning option.

We support the loading of Qualys self-service scan data for enhanced vulnerability and threat correlation using the portal-based application programming interface (API) and graphical user interface (GUI) loader. Threat correlation enables the security monitoring service to identify malicious activity that is either on-target or off-target with the known vulnerabilities of a monitored asset.

A managed service provider ensures this is done correctly, enabling your IT teams to focus on their core objectives. We will continuously scan, identify, prioritise, remediate and mitigate vulnerabilities in your operating systems, software or enterprise applications.

The severity level can be tailored to accurately identify critical threats or minimise false positives. Conventional vulnerability management procedures can be inefficient, time-consuming and may concentrate on inappropriate criteria, leading to security and compliance gaps within the organisation.

To achieve measurable progress in vulnerability reduction, our Vulnerability Management service utilises threat intelligence and exploit tracking to concentrate vulnerability management efforts on areas with the highest impact.

Our expert technical skills in conjunction with our fully automated and orchestrated managed services platform underpin our cyber security capabilities. Our security professionals are certified to the highest levels across multiple vendors, technologies and industry standards.

We offer the following services:

  • On-premise Vulnerability Management.
  • Cloud-based Vulnerability Management.
  • Hybrid architecture Vulnerability Management.
  • Automated enforcement with configurable policies.
  • Reporting and alerting.

4C Cyber Security can help your company improve its cyber security posture and to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities and their associated risks. We use a ‘Defence in Depth’ approach to cyber security which utilises a series of layered defence mechanisms to protect core data and valuable information – like a castle surrounded by multiple walls and a moat. This multi-layered approach increases the security of the system as a whole and protects against a range of threats.

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