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What I enjoy about the role is creating, building and testing API’s as well as automating processes. Also, love the work from home option and the great culture (My team mates never criticize. We all make mistakes, but no one will ever laugh at you

Solutions Engineer - 1 Year with 4C Group

This is not the type of environment where you are ‘pigeonholed’, you get exposure and get to work with databases, Operating Systems, Applications and Proxy’s. You get exposure to a variety of different things

Solutions Engineer - 4 Years with 4C Group

On a daily basis, you are faced with issues and need to find solutions. You are therefore constantly upskilling yourself and broadening your knowledge

Solutions Engineer - 2 Years with 4C Group

I enjoy the problem-solving element of the role. Also implementing new projects. From an operations perspective, you do a lot of things to set up logic and having that analytical ability. I think if you can grasp the product quickly, the role will be enjoyable

Solutions Engineer - 1 Year with 4C Group