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The Covid-19 pandemic has increased consumer demand for digital products and services globally – and Africa has been no exception. As Africa’s workforce pivoted to work remotely, there was an immediate and sustained increase in the demand for telecommunication operators (telco) services, Mobile data and airtime enabled workers to stay in touch with clients, colleagues and employers – and online services such as grocery delivery, streaming and online gaming allowed people to stock up their pantries and stave off boredom. 

As a result of this insatiable demand, telcos and other digital services providers across Africa needed to rapidly scale up operations and speed up innovation to keep up. As with any growing business, an increase in spending and increasingly complex digital infrastructures result in increased risks. Now more than ever, telcos and FinTech providers need to ensure their revenue is secured and their reputation is protected. 

A business assurance partner to reduce risk

The telecoms industry is a highly competitive environment and communication service providers are under pressure to rapidly transform into digital service providers to remain competitive. This requires them to forge relationships with new partners from different sectors to create their own ecosystems. These relations will add more complexity into the billing scenario with new business models and the associated revenue streams. 

Reaching new levels of digital maturity is a key focus for network operators looking to expand their market share. With an experienced business assurance partner, telcos can focus on expediting their digital transformation while preventing losses through revenue leakages and incidents of fraud. 

At 4C, we have an established history of supporting the African telecoms industry with fraud and revenue management services specifically designed for digital service providers and Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Our business assurance solution offers telecoms operators greater control through real-time, end-to-end monitoring that reduces revenue leakage and incidents of fraud.

Business assurance for fraud management

Our Fraud Management (FM) application includes fraud detection and fraud prevention tools that allow businesses to take a proactive approach to their financial integrity. Real-time monitoring provides a new perspective with excellent visibility into what is happening with billing and subscriptions. 

Our fraud management tools leverage data-centric automation to analyse behavioural trends, find fraud fast, and report irregularities relating to revenue leakage. Suspicious behaviour is quickly identified and reported, so issues can be resolved swiftly.

Revenue assurance and revenue reporting

Revenue leakages can occur at multiple points in the digital ecosystem, so network operators need a comprehensive approach to oversee network usage and ensure that every event is billed and collected in a timely manner. Like our fraud management software, 4C’s Revenue Assurance (RA) application takes a holistic approach to identifying network inefficiencies and revenue issues. 

A high-level view of the business prevents the unintentional loss of revenue, while in-depth analysis and reporting offers a detailed understanding of what is happening with billing and subscriptions. Our revenue management offers an automation-driven strategy which removes human error and allows network operators to analyse revenues against their own business metrics.  

Business assurance made easy

4C’s business assurance software is customisable, giving network operators a tailored solution to their specific fraud and revenue management requirements. User-friendly dashboards offer centralised and easy management that are programmed with critical indicators, so there is no need to employ a technically trained business assurance team. 

Active risk intelligence based on data-analytics gives network operators increased confidence in the integrity and accuracy of their revenue streams. Data is collected from multiple sources and automation is used to monitor usage and behaviour so key people in your organisation can be alerted to any deviations from normal activity. 

When possible fraud activity arises, our case management tool automatically generates a report and triggers a fraud alarm. Case investigations are efficient and effective, with tasks automatically assigned to specific teams or departments.

4C is a trusted business assurance partner

With millions of subscribers, African network operators need a trusted business assurance partner who can offer a comprehensive solution for revenue and fraud management. Selecting a reputable business assurance partner, like 4C, guarantees accurate revenue reporting and fraud management so businesses can focus on improving their product offerings. 

Our business assurance software has been tailored to meet the fraud management and revenue assurance needs specific to Africa’s telecommunication sector, allowing our clients to benefit from industry leading financial monitoring tools that offer complete control across their network infrastructure. 4C allows telcos to focus on their digital transformation knowing that their reputation and revenue is in good hands.


At 4C Group of Companies, we strive to effect operational changes and cost savings for customers through our iNSight product and associated services. This product’s main function is to re-purpose and deliver business-critical information to a variety of systems and stakeholders. 

We specialise in information assurance, business assurance, FinTech solutions and a variety of business systems. For more insights into our products and services, check out our blog page or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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