The importance of a unified data and analytics environment

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Data is like digital gold and businesses across the globe are investing in robust and reliable databases to store their information. These can either be set up on-premise or in a cloud environment. Whichever solution best suits your company, the data and analytics will improve efficiency, productivity and profitability for enterprises that use it correctly.

Businesses need to work with a reliable service provider, like 4C Group of Companies, that can set up secure databases and manage the administration thereof. A managed service provider can deliver a superior return on investment with databases, allowing companies to take full advantage of their information through analytics.

Without these insights, businesses will fail to address key aspects of their products, customers, processes and income streams. Analysing data properly will shed light on where improvements can be made and where the company is performing really well. The key to this process is a unified data and analytics environment.

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Why the data environment is critical

Business data is complicated. Some of it can be outdated, incomplete or stored all over the place. Making sense of it all can be difficult if your data environment is not set up correctly and if you’re using the wrong analytic tools. All of these factors can make it hard to gain accurate insights from your digital information without the right tools, services and skills.

A modern, unified data and analytics environment should include automated insights through machine learning or advanced software. A cloud-based solution is also recommended to ensure that this data is accessible to employees, no matter where they’re working from.

Robust data connections are a must; this will minimise disruptions and downtime. A database must also be readily scalable and highly secure. This is why managed service providers are essential as they will be able to set up the data environment correctly and include the requisite security protocols and service level agreements (SLAs).

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Choosing the right data and analytics provider

Businesses always need to be planning for the future. Think about where you’d like to be in 5 or 10 years time and choose a database service provider that can help you meet your goals. This requires careful consideration of the type of data software that you’ll use. There are generally two choices – a free open source solution or proprietary software from a specialist company, such as Oracle.

Each has unique benefits and advantages to businesses, so do some research and find the solution that best fits your needs. In many instances, a hybrid approach is the best option as it compounds the advantages and mitigates the disadvantages of both solutions. Bear in mind the total cost of ownership over several years and the reliability or value-added services offered through each choice.

4C Group offers database support and consultations that will allow you to make an informed decision. We can implement software that is compatible with other database systems to ensure that it works effectively for your company. The right solutions will allow you to extract critical analytics from the data, while also minimising the time it takes to arrive at the findings.

The experts at 4C Group are available 24/7 for database support and administration. This includes database migrations to a cloud environment, installations and configurations, upgrades and patching, implementation of security protocols, performance upgrades, as well as backup and recovery solutions. For more information about our database services, please contact us today.


At 4C Group of Companies, we strive to effect operational changes and cost savings for customers through our iNSight product and associated services. This product’s main function is to re-purpose and deliver business-critical information to a variety of systems and stakeholders. 

We specialise in information assurance, business assurance, African FinTech solutions and a variety of business systems. For more insights into our products and services, check out our blog page or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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